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Feel free to email any of the Exec members if you have any questions. Our emails are below.


Jennie Huynh is our President. He can be reached at:
Kimberlyn Eversman is our  Vice President. She can be reached at:
Maggie Tauser is our Secretary. She can be reached at:
Elizabeth Hale is our Treasurer. She can be reached at:
Andrew Wolf is our Webmaster/Historian. He can be reached at:


Please go and like our Facebook page, where we will announce public events and announcements.
If you are a member of KME and are not a part of our Facebook group, please go and request to join and you will be added by an administrator as soon as we can.
Lastly, please go and like the Math Department Facebook page, where various math related announcements will be posted throughout the year.


Along with the five Exec members, KME also has two Faculty Advisors.
They are Dr. David Garth and Dr. Dean DeCock.
Dr. Garth is a Professor of Math. His office is VH 2246 and his email is
Dr. Garth is the person that looks at the GPA for those that want to be initiated. If you have questions about if you will make it, he is the one to ask.
Dr. DeCock is a Professor of Statistics. His office is VH 2240.
His email is

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